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About The Show

It's not easy being king. As someone trying to build one of the first cities from scratch, King Tyrannis has it harder than most. But you can be king without having to take a bunch of meetings and the constant threat of being poisoned, with KRAPOPOLIS NFTs. KRAPOPOLIS is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece from creator Dan Harmon (“Rick and Morty”) centered on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other. Premiering 2023 on FOX.

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Show Voting Open

Polls are now open for KRAPOPOLIS Krap Chicken NFT holders to vote on show elements! The next voting window will open Wednesday, October 12 at 9am PT for 48-hours. Want to participate but don’t have a Krap Chicken? Buy yours today to start building the Krapopolis civilization like never before.

Meet The Cast

  • Tyrannis

    Richard Ayoade AS


  • Deleria

    Hannah Waddingham AS


  • Shulb

    Matt Berry AS


  • Stupendous

    Pam Murphy AS


  • Hippocampus

    Duncan Trussell AS


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Meet The Krap Chickens


Krap Chickens

Before currency was developed in 600 BCE, the Ancient Greeks had to use the barter system. Most goods that were bartered were edible, but perishable. You may not be able to eat this chicken, but you will be able to trade it for a lot more than a jar of olive oil. Buy a Krap Chicken to participate in the birth of civilization like never before.

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Token Gated Content

Watch exclusive behind the scenes content releasing on a regular basis and participate in live watch parties.

Exclusive Show Voting Rights

Take part in deciding on various show details you can later watch unfold as episodes air.

Private Discord Channels

Access channels only available to NFT holders where you can connect with other fans of the show and see where you rank as a fan via custom assigned roles and a ranking system.

Token Gated Merch

Buy yourself a toga alternative and other fun merch that isn’t available to anyone but Krap Chicken collectors.

Access to Meet-and-Greets

Meet cast and crew from the show in live AMA’s and get the inside scoop.

Drops and Giveaways

Lucky winners among the KRAPOPOLIS token holders will be eligible for exclusive NFTs, community contests, giveaways and loads of other surprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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