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About The Show

KRAPOPOLIS is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece from creator Dan Harmon (“Rick and Morty”) centered on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other. As someone trying to build one of the first cities from scratch, King Tyrannis has it harder than most. But you can be king without having to take a bunch of meetings and the constant threat of being poisoned, with the KRAPOPOLIS Krap Chicken Fan Pass before the show it set to premiere on FOX in 2023.


Meet The Cast


Duncan Trussell as



Matt Berry as



Richard Ayoade as



Hanna Waddingham as



Pam Murphy as



Join the Ultimate Fan Experience

KRAPOPOLIS, created by Dan Harmon (“Rick and Morty”), is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece set to premiere on FOX in 2023. You can start participating now in the first network TV show curated on the blockchain.

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Sign up for an account or connect your wallet

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Buy a Krap Chicken Fan Pass

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Use it to participate in the show



What you can Expect

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  • Roadmap slide 1

    The Krap Chicken is your fan pass to enter the gates of KRAPOPOLIS and will grant access to the show like never before.

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    Watch exclusive animatic clips and behind the scenes content in the viewing room released on a regular basis.

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    Meet cast and crew from the show at in-real- life events and virtual AMA’s to get the inside scoop.

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    Take part in voting on various show elements you can later watch as episodes air.

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    Your Krap Chicken lays a KRAPEGG daily from the moment it is purchased. KRAPEGGS act as a loyalty reward for collectors and can be redeemed in the merchandise store.

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    SHOPOPOLIS is the online store with official merchandise. Fan Pass holders can use KRAPEGGS or cash to get their favorite swag and digital goods.

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    Rank your fandom on the KRAPOPOLIST leaderboard to see how many KRAPEGGS you've collected compared to other fans.

No Krap Chickens were harmed in the making of this roadmap


Frequently Asked Questions

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Does KRAPOPOLIS support any charities?