History of Krapopolis with Miranda Dressler

Follow Art Director, Miranda Dressler, as she dives deep into the history of Krapopolis. Learn about the Mycenaen period and how it plays part in the structural design of Krapopolis!

Understanding Animation with Pete Michels

Join Supervising Director, Pete Michels, on how traditional art techniques blend with digital animation.

Fintastic Overthinker

Hippocampus thinks he's too hard on himself.

Styles of Krapopolis with Miranda Dressler

Art Director, Miranda Dressler discusses the rich color palette that defines Krapopolis's unique art style.

Infant Mortality

Children should never run a civilization.

Journey to Krapopolis with Pete Michels

Journey with Pete Michels into the world of animation and explore how storyboarding and design bring Krapopolis to life.

Deliria Admires Tyrannis

Deliria thinks Tyrannis is cool for summoning a god with his sick moves!

Background Art with Andrew DeLange

Learn more about visual storytelling with Background Artist, Andrew DeLange and how it brings life to Krapopolis.

Morning Vases

Shlub thinks obituaries are funny, that's messed!

Props Design with Erik Elizarrez

Props and Effects Designer, Erik Elizarrez reveals how he designs vehicles, weapons, and props that capture the perfect Krapopolis world.

Outer Edge

Hippocampus and Stupendous find themselves in the forest party's outer edge.

Visual Effects with Bridget Ore

Discover the passion and creative expertise of FX Designer, Bridget Ore, as she crafts the stunning visual effects that bring Krapopolis to life!

Water with Lemons

Tyrannis is astonished with water filled with lemons... right?

Crafting Krapopolis with Pete Michels

Learn with Pete Michels how the development of Krapopolis’ world, culture, and characters set the tone for the Krapopolis universe.

Afraid of the Dark

Are you afraid of the dark?

How Miranda Dressler Designed Krapopolis

Gain exclusive insight with Art Director, Miranda Dressler, into the world of Krapopolis's animation.


Different generations see things very differently

It's Crow Time

Shlub mistakes a crow for Deliria

Hephaestus's Introduction

Another hosting gig for Chris Hardwick

Divine Chuckle

Deliria is heavily involved in her son's life


Deliria uses her powers on Medusa.

Home Alone

What are Deliria & Shlub up to when they’re home alone?

Welcome to Vol-CON

Tyrannis takes Hippocampus to Vol-CON.

Desecrate Me

Tyrannis almost gets lucky with his Goddess of a date.

Deliria Makes Out

Tyrannis and Hippocampus walk in on Deliria.

Closing Number Time

Deliria practices her grand exit with civilians forced into being her backup dancers.

Athena's Scam

Deliria agrees to help Stupendous with an Athena curse.


Deliria gets annoyed when she learns Stupendeous is keeping a secret.


Stupendeous wants to go to...Sicily?

Shlub's Recipe

Delira Games is the perfect recipe for...

Deliria Games Wine Vendor

Deliria Desguised at the Deliria Games.

Broseidon "Nobody knows my pain"

Broseidon gets Heckled.

Random Animal Exit

Deliria gets heated when compared to Athena.

Snakes to Men

Deliria transfigures snakes back into men.

Wolf Negotiations

Shlub reports on what the wolves are proposing.

Tyrannis Proposes

The work of a local sculptor inspires Tyrannis to propose.

Mound of Dead Bodies

Hippocampus tries to bring dead bodies into his lab for scientific study.

Poseidon Arrives

Tyrannis meets Poseidon for the first time.

Faith In Science

Hippocampus struggles with a malfunctioning invention.

Date With a Goddess

Tyrannis revels in his upcoming date with a goddess.


Tyrannis and Hippocampus set out to rescue Prometheus.